X-TRA-LIFT (patented)


"Can your pick-up actually pick up something?"

Die Einführung

Rinspeed AG - mit dreissig Jahren Erfahrung im Gebiet der Spezialfahrzeuge und Prototypen - entwickelte eine grosse Anzahl von neuen und innovativen Produkten, Konzepte und Designs für die Industrie und den Zubehörmarkt. Darunter fallen auch z.B. die im Lenkrad integrierten Fernsteuerungen von Radios und Telefone, etc.

Rinspeed verfügt über ein weltweites Kontaktnetz und geniesst einen hohen Bekanntheitsgrad durch ihre kreativen und innovativen Produkte.


The introduction

Rinspeed AG - a company of thirty years of experience in the custom and specialty car market - has created a number of new and inventive products, concepts and designs for the industry and the aftermarket such as the integrated remote-control in steering wheels, etc.

Rinspeed enjoys a worldwide reputation for its creative and innovative products and maintains a wide network of international contacts.

The idea and concept

A long study and analysis of the utility and leisure markets has produced the result that the desired activities of the customers and the solutions provided by the manufactures are not in harmony. The extensively growing market of Pick-Up trucks – especially in the America’s - leaves many transportation needs open and unfulfilled. Unless a bulky trailer is being used, any weighty object - from a Jetski, to a bike and to professional equipment - can not be moved as they are too heavy to be lifted on by hand on the bed. The "Pick-Up" does not justify its name.

Rinspeed Inc. concepted, invented, engineered and patented in consequence the "X-Tra-Lift" which is an esthetically pleasing, yet very practical and universal lifting device for OEM or aftermarket applications for any Pick-Up truck - new or used. This hydraulically or electrically powered lift permits an easy loading and unloading of any object - up to about 600kgs - onto or from the bed. The versatile functionality of this innovative system creates a new philosophy of transportation: the M.U.V. (Multi Utility Vehicle) concept.

The "X-Tra-Lift" concept allows the Pick-Up to be used within a very short time as - amongst many other applications - a professional utility vehicle, a leisure equipment transporter, a public service truck or just as a personal mean of human transportation.

The "X-Tra-Lift" is styled in various forms: hidden, in dual functions with an integrated roll bar or as a decorative element.

The facts and figures

The current American production of Pick-Up trucks is in excess of 3.4 million units per year. The actual volume on the market is estimated at over 30 million units. It is a market segment with growth, high profit margins, life style and potential.

The major manufacturers in this segment are Ford, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. The resulting production and sales potential of the "X-Tra-Lift" is very attractive in numbers and revenues.

The advantages

The "X-Tra-Lift" offers the following unique features:
            Universal application
            Advanced mobility engineering
            Easy to handle
            Life style
            Image and its transfer

The world presentation

In order to present, communicate and market this revolutionary invention in an effective and thrilling way, Rinspeed has created the "X-Trem", a futuristically styled Pick-Up truck. This car will have its world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show and will be shown at the Detroit and Las Vegas Auto Shows as well.

The applications

The "X-Tra-Lift" can be installed in any new or used Pick-Up truck. Its simple structure and small numbers of components allow a cost effective production and attractive retail pricing.

The competition

Up to this date and knowledge, there is no such or similar product on the market, except a lateral lifting systems for oil drums. The closest competitor might be the trailer industry.



Rinspeed Partner

Enclosed you will find our partners and suppliers who are on board with the realization of the current project - get an overview:

  • ams Osram
  • BCS Automotive Interface Solutions GmbH
  • Ernst & Young GmbH
  • Falken Tyre Europe GmbH
  • Gentex Corporation
  • Mosolf Move-Tec GmbH
  • OBE Kinematics
  • Prettl Lighting & Interior GmbH
  • Recticel Engineered Foams
  • Schoeller GmbH & CoKG
  • Stratasys GmbH

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